Batik Air arrivals Jakarta Airport (CGK)

Batik Air Jakarta CGK airport arrivals allow to check status of Batik Air flight arrivals at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Currnety Time at Jakarta airport is 00:53 AM 2021-07-26

No. Arrival Origin Status
ID6871 07:10 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled
ID6881 07:20 (KNO) Medan Kuala Namu Scheduled
ID6597 07:30 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID6267 07:55 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6371 08:10 (YIA) Yogyakarta International Scheduled
ID6211 08:45 (BDJ) Banjarmasin Scheduled
ID6507 08:55 (DPS) Bali (Denpasar) Scheduled
ID6379 09:10 (YIA) Yogyakarta International Scheduled
ID6802 09:10 (YIA) Yogyakarta International Scheduled
ID6852 09:10 (YIA) Yogyakarta International Scheduled
ID6878 09:10 (YIA) Yogyakarta International Scheduled
ID6863 09:15 (BTH) Batam Scheduled
ID6825 09:15 (TNJ) Tanjung Pinang Scheduled
ID6887 09:20 (KNO) Medan Kuala Namu Cancelled
ID8887 09:20 (KNO) Medan Kuala Namu Scheduled
ID6771 09:20 (MDC) Manado Scheduled
ID6541 09:40 (KOE) Kupang Scheduled
ID6572 09:40 (PDG) Padang Scheduled
ID6811 09:40 (PDG) Padang Scheduled
ID6711 09:50 (TKG) Bandar Lampung Scheduled
ID8711 09:50 (TKG) Bandar Lampung Scheduled
ID6867 10:15 (BTH) Batam Scheduled
ID6271 10:20 (MDC) Manado Scheduled
ID6501 10:25 (DPS) Bali (Denpasar) Scheduled
ID6171 10:30 (AMQ) Ambon Cancelled
ID6391 10:40 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID6289 10:40 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6657 10:45 (LOP) Lombok International Scheduled
ID6883 11:20 (KNO) Medan Kuala Namu Scheduled
ID6143 11:50 (UPG) Makassar Cancelled
ID6827 12:50 (TJQ) Belitung (Tanjung Pandan) Scheduled
ID6877 12:55 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled
ID6203 13:15 (PKY) Palangkaraya Cancelled
ID6060 13:20 (DPS) Bali (Denpasar) Scheduled
ID8191 13:20 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6265 13:20 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6803 13:50 (DJB) Jambi Scheduled
ID6855 14:00 (PKU) Pekanbaru Scheduled
ID6051 14:05 (DPS) Bali (Denpasar) Scheduled
ID6515 14:10 (DPS) Bali (Denpasar) Scheduled
ID6330 14:10 (DPS) Bali (Denpasar) Scheduled
ID6573 14:10 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID8515 14:10 (DPS) Bali (Denpasar) Scheduled
ID6890 14:10 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID6833 14:35 (DTB) Siborong-borong Scheduled
ID6897 14:50 (BTJ) Banda Aceh Scheduled
ID6191 15:00 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6141 15:10 (TTE) Ternate Scheduled
ID6233 15:20 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6293 15:20 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6889 15:20 (KNO) Medan Kuala Namu Cancelled
ID6187 15:25 (TIM) Tembagapura Scheduled
ID6235 16:20 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6285 17:05 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6221 17:15 (PNK) Pontianak Scheduled
ID6183 18:05 (UPG) Makassar Cancelled
ID6857 18:10 (PKU) Pekanbaru Cancelled
ID6885 18:20 (KNO) Medan Kuala Namu Cancelled
ID6261 19:50 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6231 19:50 (UPG) Makassar Scheduled
ID6891 20:20 (KNO) Medan Kuala Namu Cancelled